Wall & Ceiling Cladding

Vinyl (PVC) cladding allows home and business owners to create true-to-life wood, ceramic and stone themed walls or ceilings.  This decorative accessory provides users with a cost-effective way to decorate indoor spaces in a timely fashion without having to deal with the debris produced by most competing materials.  Vinyl (PVC) cladding can be fitted safely in the following environments:

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Characteristics of product:

  1. Interlocking panels
  2. Waterproof
  3. Rotproof
  4. Hygienic
  5. Durable
  6. Resistant against chemicals
  7. Fitting possible on all surfaces




Application of product:

  1. Home
  2. Chalet
  3. Office
  4. Restaurant
  5. Shop
  6. Hotel

And others







Technical Specifications (Vinyl cladding):

Recommended use                                               For use as decorative cladding for walls and ceilings

Thickness of board                                               7 mm

Weight                                                                  3.2 kg / m2

Length of board (standard)                                   6m, 5m & 4m

Width of board – front (standard)                        25.0 cm

Width of board – back (standard)                         26.6 cm





Standard sizes of vinyl cladding boards:






  • Depending on order size, customized board sizes may be ordered.
  • Boards are also available with the following width:
    • 10 cm
    • 03 cm



  • Accessories required to fix boards, such as U & H profiles, are sold separately.


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